Lab course Rhizosphere Metagenomics and Plant-Microbe Interactions held on January 15-20th, 2024 at the Faculty of Sciences of Sfax.

In the framework of WP2, a Lab course entitled « Rhizosphere Metagenomics and Plant-Microbe Interactions » was organized by the University of Sfax in collaboration with the University of Ghent from 15th to 20th January 2024.

This lab course provided a comprehensive overview of rhizosphere metagenomics and its significance in understanding plant-microbe interactions. By integrating interdisciplinary approaches, we expanded our knowledge of the intricate interplay between plants and their microbial partners, paving the way for innovative solutions to address global challenges in agriculture and environmental sustainability. By uncovering the mysteries of the rhizosphere microbiome, we can harness its enormous potential to transform agriculture and shape the resilience of our ecosystems.